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1. Students are expected to attend all the lectures on time.
2. Students are expected to keep notes of all the content.
3. You must practice all the concepts and skills being taught during the class on a regular basis.
4. Students are encouraged to use all digital platforms including social media for skill building.
5. You can choose to create dummy anonymous social media accounts keeping your identity hidden just for business development purposes.
6. You must achieve 95% attendance.
7. You must have 90% practical task completion.
8. Your performance during the internship needs to be satisfactorily achieved with the 80% quality score from the customer.
9. You will have the customer account assigned only after your work is approved by the customer and mentor.
10. After an official account assignment your job contract will start.
11. You must refer at least 1 student (Conoxy Amazon Digital Affiliate Business Program Course) or 1 Tajjir-baba business customer account in a month.
12. Failing to have customer satisfaction can lead to ceasing or canceling your contract.
13. If you fail to refer any student or customer for 2 consecutive months can lead to cease or cancel your contract.
14. You will be paid an extra 5% commission for any reference you bring every month.
15. You will also be entitled to extra bonus cash price if you have 3 or more students in any given month.

Note: Jobs can be subject to target achievement.

Refund Process: (Non Refundable Fee)
Refunds can be made in the following categories:
  • 5% refund before the 1st class. (Induction is referred to as Class 1)
  • After 1st class, there will be no refund.
  • Refund shall be processed in 15 working days.

    Updated Rules for Student Transfer:
  • Transfer from one group to another or from one training to another will only be entertained before the 2nd class.
  • No transfer will be done after 2nd class. (Induction session is referred to as Class 1).

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    Note: 5-Level "job contract Salaries-PKR" depend on students performance,
    Started From 7000 Plus Commissions up to 33500 plus commission.

    For Non-Serious Students will not be eligible for this one-year or 2-year contract, Conoxy Agency Management will review & treat them accordingly regarding their performance.

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