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Ms Fareeha Komal

Mini Mentor

We are excited to offer a wide range of Amazon Courses designed to meet your needs at Conoxy Digital Marketing Agency, no matter your level of experience.

Ms Laiba Seerat

Mini Mentor

Organise corporate operations over a given geographical area. Plan and manage operational policies and strategies in a given region.

 Amazon Online Seller Course Outline

1. Understanding, Evaluating E-Commerce and its future.
2. Amazon’s market share and its potential. 
3. Amazon Business Models.
4. Business mindset and Job mentality. The right approach to Amazon E-Commerce success.
5. Investment required for Amazon’s business success.
6. Amazon Seller Account types and Account Opening.
7. Understanding Online Arbitrage Business Model.
8. Amazon account health.
9. Customer support interaction.
10. Third-party suppliers and sourcing from them.
11. Finding the Prep Centers, Calculating the labeling and shipping costs.
12. Product Hunting and finding profitable products.
13. Product hunting with tools.
14. Listing items of midrange and high price range.
15. Getting the category approval.
16. Buy box winning strategy.
17. Top strategy to find winning products.
18. Shipping plan creation.
19. Automatic pricing strategy on Amazon.
20. Avoid IP strikes and other violations. 
21. Finding and collaborating with warehouses.
22. Inside tips to make online arbitrage more profitable.
23. Build Amazon business for Life. FBA PL / Micro PL 
24. Amazon account suspension handling.



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