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  • Get Started
  • Product Research
  • Sourcing Your Product
  • Seller Central
  • Imports & Shipping
  • Listing Your Product
  • Launching & Sales
  • Optimizing Your Listing
  • Getting Started with PPC
  • Managing your Amazon Business
  • Sales, Inventory & Profitability

Module 1

Get Started

We’ll break down Amazon’s business models, fulfilment methods, time and resource requirements, and more to help you create your own plan of action for selling on Amazon.

Get properly acquainted with Amazon and Conoxy Digital. We’ll focus on the important aspects of getting started – such as how to choose a business model and how to plan financially, so you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts today.

Lessons included:

1. What is ‘Selling on Amazon’?

2. Choosing a business model and fulfillment method.

3. Time and Money – Requirements and Results

4. What’s coming next and what to expect

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Module 2

Product Research

43% of Amazon sellers report that finding a product is challenging for them.

Product research without Conoxy Digital is basically a shot in the dark. In this module, we’ll help you pinpoint a winning product using our extensive Product Database. We’ll help you navigate the process step by step so you can maximize your time and profits.

Lessons included:

1. Product Research Process

2. Introduction to the Product Database

3. Primary Criteria – Demand, Competition, Profitability & Selection

4. Secondary Criteria – Improvements and Differentiation, Legal and Liabilities & Ease to Source, Import, and Sell

5. Second Round Product Ideas

6. Choose a Product to Sell

7. Product Research Wrap Up

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Module 3

Sourcing Your Product

Before your product can hit the shelves, so to speak, we’ll need to find you a supplier. We’re behind you every step of the way in this process, from identifying a good supplier to ordering your product.

With instant access to a world of confirmed, high-quality manufacturers, making your product idea a reality is just a few steps away. We’ve broken down the sourcing process into nine digestible lessons to cover everything you need to know.

Lessons included:

1.What is ‘Sourcing’?!

2. Identifying Good Suppliers

3. Finding a Supplier Using the Supplier Database

4. Contacting Suppliers

5. Analyzing Quotes and Comparing Suppliers

6. Samples and Negotiating

7. Placing an order

8. Inspections

9. Sourcing Wrap Up

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Module 4

Seller Central

Join us for a complete walkthrough of Seller Central in these five easily digestible lessons.

Effectively navigating Seller Central requires a bit of patience and know-how. We’ll provide a walk through of every step of the setup process, including a series tutorials on managing campaigns and creating business reports.

Lessons included:

1.Account Setup

2. Creating a Listing

3. Creating a Shipping Plan

4. Campaign Manager

5. Business Reports 

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Module 5

Imports & Shipping

These lessons on shipping and imports are designed to help you avoid major hiccups when you’re ready to make your product available on Amazon.

We’re not skipping a thing in this in-depth guide to the importing and shipping process. In this module, we’ll extensively cover the ins and outs of international and domestic shipping, importing, packaging and FBA.

Lessons included:

1.Introduction to Shipping

2. Air vs Sea

3. Common Shipping Terms

4. Freight Forwarders

5. The Import Process

6. Packaging and Labeling

7. Setting up an FBA Shipment in Seller Central

8. Shipping Wrap Up

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Module 6

Listing Your Product

Creating a winning listing consists of both technical and creative aspects. We’ll introduce you to both in this 8-lesson module.

From keyword research and UPC barcodes to descriptions and photography, a good listing is essential to your conversions. In this module, we’ll lay a foundation for the most important aspects.

Lessons included:

1.Foundations of a Product Listing

2. Keyword Research

3. Title & Bullet Points

4. Description

5. Barcodes

6. Variations

7. Photography

8. Listing Wrap Up

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Module 7

Launching & Sales

You’re almost GO for launch. Let’s take a look at product ranking, sales strategies, reviews and pricing.

This module is designed to provide you with everything you’ll need to know to get the most out of your investment. We’ll discuss various strategies you can employ to boost sales, solicit reviews and more.

Lessons included:

  1. Intro to Launching your Product

2. How are products ranked?

3. What strategies can I use to get my initial sales?

4. What is a good pricing strategy for launching a product?

5. How do I get reviews for my product?

6. What strategies should I avoid to prevent getting banned?

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Module 8

Optimizing Your Listing

Advance your listing strategy with a deep dive into the technical and visual elements of a successful Amazon product.

Without optimization, even a great product might not drive traffic and conversions. We’ll help you become proficient in optimizing your listing with all of the key components known to impact user behavior.

Lessons included:

1.Intro to Listing Optimization

2. Better Photos for Increased Visibility

3. Visual Elements to Enhance Your Listing

4. Keywords Research to Maximize Your Potential

5. Creating Listings that Convert

6. Enhanced Brand Content, Video, and Mobile

7. Listing Optimization Recap

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Module 9

Getting Started with PPC

Pay-per-Click ads are a proven way to improve sales and visibility – if done correctly. We’ll take you on a tour of advertising with PPC and help you set up your first campaign.

Create knockout PPC campaigns in no time with this 8-lesson module that starts with the basics and ends with analyzing and improving your results over time.

Lessons included:

1.Intro to Advertising with PPC

2. Types of PPC

3. Keyword Research

4. Sponsored Product Ads

5. Automatic Campaigns

6. Manual Campaigns

7. PPC Strategy

8. Understanding Search Term Data

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Module 10

Managing your Amazon Business

Managing your seller account, customer inquiries, returns and fees is a major aspect of owning an online business. We won’t leave anything out in this lesson.

Learn how to manage your business effectively with insights into monitoring your listings, your seller account health, and your product performance. This module includes everything you’ll need to know about day-to-day management.

Lessons included:

1.Introduction to Managing Your Business

2. Monitoring Listings

3. Seller Account Health and Performance

4. Customer Service and Communication

5. Storage Fees and Limits

6. Managing Returned, Unsellable, or Slow Moving Inventory

7. Managing Your Business Wrap Up


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Module 11

Sales, Inventory & Profitability

Conoxy Digital Agency is used by advanced sellers all around the world. We’ll keep growing with you and we’ll show you how.

In this course, we’ll teach you how to calculate and improve profitability as well as how to effectively manage your inventory. This section is jam packed with great info that will help you keep your business thriving long after launch!

Lessons included:

1.Intro to Analyzing Sales, Inventory, & Profitability

2. Terms and Calculations

3. Using Sales Analytics

4. Using Inventory Manager

5. Strategies to Increase Profitability

6. How to Measure Profitability

7. Conclusion

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