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Ameer Moaiz

Want to sell on Amazon from Pakistan? You can get started by filling the form or ask any queries that pop in your mind. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Marium Sabira

Want to sell on Amazon from UAE,UK or Pakistan? You can get started by filling the form or ask any queries that pop in your mind. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.


  • Amazon Overview
  • Buyer/Seller Overview
  • Amazon Business Models
  • Why Wholesale?
  • Required Credentials for Wholesale FBA
  • Understanding Tax System USA/UK

Want to sell on Amazon without private labeling or creating your own listings? FBA platform by Amazon is simply the most effective way to sell physical products online. Finding and selling Wholesale products and selling to buyers with the products they want and need. Amazon FBA Wholesale Boot Camp is a step-by-step roadmap to search, source, ship and sell those great products and reap the profits.

  • Calculating Profit
  • Storage Fees
  • Prep Center & Services
  • Ordering with suppliers
  • FBA Shipments
  • Adding Products to Your Inventory
  • Create a Shipment
  • Managing Stock
  • Tools & Software
  • Recommended Categories and Products
  • Product Research Methods
  • Ideas for Product Hunting
  • Reverse Sourcing Keepa
  • Reverse Sourcing Helium 10
  • Reverse Sourcing with Conoxy Digitals Chrome
  • How to Know if a Product is Worth Buying
  • Searching Wholesalers
  • Setting Up Website & Contacting Wholesalers
  • Setting UP Accounts with Wholesalers/Distributors/Suppliers
  • Wholesale Central
  • Feed Scanning

This is a complete overview of the actions you will take while building your business with the Conoxy Digitals to become Amazon Best Seller

  • Registering Company & Tax Id’s
  • Seller Account Registration
  • Understanding Amazon Search Page Filters & Categories
  • Understand Product Pages (Metoo – Asin – UPC/EAN – BuyBox – BSR – Keyword Ranking – Brand Store)
  • Understanding of Models & Hacks (For knowledge purpose)
  • Learn about Wholesale FBA/FBM Hacks (For knowledge purpose)

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