What is AI & Explore AI across your business with The Ultimate Guide to Saving Time and Increasing Organic Traffic with AI-Driven Keyword Research

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a system that can perceive its environment and take actions to maximize the chance of successfully achieving its goals as well as interpret and analyze data in such a way that it learns and adapts as it goes.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that can produce text, images, and varied content based on the data it is trained on.

What is AI in sales & marketing.

The lead-to-cash process covers all activities related to marketing and selling products and services, managing and fulfilling sales orders, providing after-sales services, and, finally, invoicing customers, managing accounts receivable, and collecting payment. It also covers the management of customers and channels as foundational elements of the process.

The process varies mainly based on the type of customer (such as B2B versus B2C), the channels through which the products and services are being offered (such as direct sales, digital commerce, and physical stores), and the type of products and services that are sold (such as simple, tangible products, configurable products, engineered products, intangible products, one-time or recurring services, complex solutions, or projects).

What is AI in supply chain?

The design to operate (D2O) process includes the entire lifecycle of products in an end-to-end, connected, and interoperable supply chain process from how a product is designed, planned, manufactured, delivered, to how it operates and is maintained.

The planning stage of the process involves defining supply chain, manufacturing and service-fulfillment strategies; planning demand, inventory, and supply; aligning plans through sales and operations planning; and finally, managing supply chain performance. The planning process culminates in the initiation of operational procurement.

The production stage of the process includes production planning, production operations, quality management, and production performance management – for both tangible and intangible goods.

The delivery-and-fulfillment stage of the process differs for tangible goods versus services. For tangible goods, it covers inbound or outbound deliveries in any context as well as order promising, warehouse and inventory management, dock and yard logistics, transportation management, and logistics performance management. For services, it involves service planning and scheduling, service execution and delivery, and service performance management.

The process concludes with enabling and foundational activities, such as data management, collaboration, identifying and tracking material, and sustainable manufacturing operations.

What is AI in procurement?

The source-to-pay (S2P) process includes all activities associated with managing the comprehensive sourcing and procurement of goods and services. It starts with procurement planning and managing spend, followed by sourcing and supplier selection, negotiating and managing supplier contracts, and preparing and executing operational procurement. The next steps are goods receipt, initiating potential returns and claims, processing supplier invoices and accounts payable, including final payment to the supplier, and managing supplier data.

The source-to-pay process varies mainly based on the type of product or service being purchased. Variations of S2P cover, for example, procurement of indirect and direct products, services, and solutions (such as a combination of products and services), as well as field service materials.

What is AI in Human Resources?

The recruit-to-retire (R2R) includes all activities associated with hiring the internal and external workforce and managing their lifecycle in the organization. It involves strategizing and planning human resource requirements, identifying and onboarding new talent, developing talent to enable growth, and retaining talent through appropriate reward-and-recognition strategies, as well as managing all recurring and administrative tasks throughout the workforce lifecycle. The latter includes the management of workforce-related data and lifecycle events such as promotions, relocations, or final offboarding, managing travel and expenses, and periodic payroll and expense payments.

The R2R process will vary depending on whether internal employees or the external workforce is being managed. The entire travel-to-reimburse process is embedded within R2R as well.


Explore AI across your business

See how you can benefit from SAP Business AI(Artificial Intelligence) built into your core business processes — connecting finance, supply chain, procurement, sales, marketing, human resources, and IT.


Finance with AI

Increase performance across a range of AI(Artificial Intelligence) financial activities from payments, expense management, and financial close to invoice management, auditing, forecasting, and more.

  • Reduce days sales outstanding with intelligent invoice matching 

  • Simplify error resolution with intelligent guidance.

  • Guard against fraud with AI-assisted anomaly detection

  • Automate communication-heavy business processes.

Supply chain

Supply chain with AI

Create a risk-resilient and sustainable supply chain with built-in AI(Artificial Intelligence) that is connected and contextualized.

  • Predict customer demand and rapidly adjust to change

  • Improve QA with AI-enabled visual inspection and anomaly detection

  • Mitigate risk with preventive maintenance guidance

  • Increase production efficiency with intelligent auto-dispatching. 




Procurement with AI

Transform procurement into a proactive, data-informed, and agile operation with AI(Artificial Intelligence)-driven automation, recommendations, and guidance.

  • Simplify buying while staying compliant with on-screen recommendations

  • Streamline data extraction, minimize errors, and reduce manual effort 

  • Receive data-driven, prescriptive guidance at critical decision points

  • Create sourcing projects and events intuitively based on past successes 

Human resources

Human resources with AI

Tap the power of AI(Artificial Intelligence) to cultivate a dynamic, inclusive, and future-ready workforce that is connected, data-driven, and employee-centric.

  • Grow your employees’ skills and careers with personalized recommendations 

  • Optimize workforce planning with intelligent staffing analysis 

  • Identify highly qualified talent & match them to opportunities 

  • Enhance the employee experience with a digital assistant

Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing with AI

Personalize the entire customer journey with AI(Artificial Intelligence)-based recommendations, strengthen sales pipelines with intelligent lead scoring, and turn prospects into lifelong customers.

  • Hyper-personalize product recommendations across marketing channels

  • Predict customer behavior and minimize customer churn

  • Increase deal size with up-sell and pricing recommendations

  • Guide your salesforce to the opportunities with the highest close potential 

Information Technology

Information Technology with AI

Empower IT to extend your SAP solutions with AI(Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, and drive faster, better decision-making throughout the organization.

  • Build AI into your SAP applications with a library of pretrained models 

  • Manage the AI model lifecycle in one central place 

  • Deploy and run AI models at scale without compromising data privacy  

  • Explore relationships in your data set and predict future events 


Industry AI

Put the power of trusted AI(Artificial Intelligence)  and machine learning to work in your industry to manage complexity, overcome challenges, and modernize your business.

  • Automate and optimize complex industry processes

  • Stay ahead of the competition with predictive, data-driven practices

  • Disrupt disruption by enabling industry convergence

  • Maximize profits with AI-powered forecasting

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